Don Tolman [Video]: How Grapefruit Can Heal The Heart


Most of us know someone who has been effected by high blood pressure or heart disease.

These are among the most common health complaints out there. For decades, “lowering cholesterol” has been a buzz term of the medical industry, with their answer being everything from miracle drugs to triple bypass surgeries.

It’s an issue worth talking about… So I sat down with Don to get his take on this ‘epidemic’ and how wholefoods can help. Check out this intriguing 3 minute video…

This is just a snippet of Don’s amazing wisdom that he shares at his events working with Fortune Events. We hope to see you at Don’s next event!


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New Year, New You with Don Tolman


You know, at this time of year, so many of us are setting new “healthy” goals…and one of the most common questions I get asked is this:

“Don, I know you talk a lot about cleansing and fasting as a great way for restoring health, but I hate the idea of going without food!!! Is there a way I can achieve a similar result without going hungry for days on end?”

The truth is that a juice cleanse or a fast of any kind for 1 day, a few days, or even an ‘extended’ period from time to time, is the ultimate way to get your body back to performing at it’s best, because it gives your digestive system a complete rest, freeing up energy to allow the healing process to take place.

But here’s the downside…

Fasting at home, around your kids, friends or work mates can be a real challenge for some people.

A fast is meant to represent a complete break from your regular dietary routine, but going without food can be a drag when you’re around others who are eating during that time. That’s why, I have always chosen to “get away” each time I’ve fasted over the years.

The reality is that there’s no “quick fix” or “magic pill that will take care of the internal “house cleaning” needed for you to get your groove back like a fast can.

That said, here are TWO alternatives to a fast, that I would call “the next best thing” for anyone who wants to get back on top of their game.


  • 28 days on nothing but RAW fruits and vegetables OR
  • 14-28 days on Pulse, Pulse and more Pulse!

Of course, you must add some gentle regular exercise (walking) and plenty of fresh, clean water to drink into the mix as well.

But time and time again over the years, I’ve seen people turn their health (and lives) around following either of these two very simple and yet profound healing protocols.

In fact, most people find these methods a breeze compared to an extended fast on water or juices, because they’re still able to satiate their taste buds and satisfy the emotional attachment to food with something super delicious, wholesome and nutritious. They’re also able to still hang out with other people who are eating without wanting to punch ’em!

Over the last two decades, I have personally seen the incredible effects that Pulse has had on so many people – including a swag of folks who were on the downward spiral, who instead decided to turn their back on conventional medicine, embrace Pulse and the 7 Principles of Health and heal themselves.

On the other side, for everyday people who are simply feeling run down and sluggish – and who decide to experience a 14 or 28 Day Adventure – there has been a constant wave of positive benefits including:

  • Weight loss
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved digestion & a flatter tummy
  • Clear skin
  • Better sleep
  • No more unhealthy cravings!

To learn how Wholefoods & Self-Care can heal your body and your life, REGISTER HERE for my “Where Truth and Health Lies” Australian Tour if you haven’t already!

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Are Avocados A Super-Food?


The term “Super-food” annoys me somewhat because it often gets loosely used to sell a myriad of pills and capsules that are actually toxic.

But if there is one food in the plant kingdom that has a right to this term, it’s the Avocado – a truly incredible fruit that does wonders for feminine health and healing.

Colloquially known as the “Alligator Pear”, the Avocado is derived from the Aztec language called Nahuath, it’s their word for womb or cervix. They taught that the “Sign Of Nature” (signature) of the Avocado was the female reproductive organs because it closely resembled visually, a swollen seed like a woman who is pregnant.  It was a brilliant observational wisdom, later discovered by modern science to be true.

Today, nutritional scientists have proven that Avocados absolutely can protect women from cervical and breast cancers and complications of delivery in giving birth. The good fats in the avocado also actually assist women to LOSE unwanted weight and to find their natural hormonal balance.

Now fellas, this doesn’t mean that men should not eat Avocados!  In fact, both men and women have both feminine and masculine qualities that should be enhanced and balanced by eating a wide variety of foods from nature’s table (more on that during my upcoming Aussie LIVE events).

Here’s why Avocados genuinely and rightfully can be referred to as a “Super-food” (if you like that term):

Avocados are known to:

  • Lower High Blood Pressure to normal range
  • Lower and stabilize your Cholesterol
  • Inhibit Prostate Cancer growth
  • Protect the Heart
  • Increases your absorption of Cartenoids from Vegetables
  • Prevent Strokes
  • Defend Blood Sugar
  • Reduce Asthmatic wheezing
  • Smooth Skin (use it as a face mask)
  • An essential source of Potassium

One of my favourite ways to snack on Avocados is to slice it down the centre, separate the halves so that you end up with two little cups, and then squeeze fresh lemon juice into the cups.  Sprinkle some Sea Salt on top and then slurp and munch til your hearts content!

Avocados are one of the foods I love talking about in depth which you’ll see at my upcoming event if you’re going to be there.

To learn how Wholefoods & Self-Care can heal your body and your life, REGISTER HERE for my “Where Truth and Health Lies” Australian Tour if you haven’t already!

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Nature’s Most Potent Detox Fruit


When it comes to identifying foods that have the most potent cleansing and detoxifying properties, Lemons are hard to beat…

Most people have no idea that you can completely renew your liver by drinking one cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice every morning for 90 days – NO MEDS, NO SURGERY needed!

Lemon juice is also a natural protector and inhibitor that can be safely applied topically to skin conditions to help heal, particularly when combined with exposure to natural sunlight.

Here’s a list of other ailments that respond brilliantly to Lemons:

  • Asthma
  • Headaches and Hangovers
  • Flus and Pneumonia
  • Arthritis
  • Elimination of Kidney stones.

Daily Tip: Make it a habit to drink the juice of 1 fresh squeezed lemon first thing each morning (before you eat or drink anything else), mixed with 1 litre of cold filtered water for a refreshing, super-cleansing start your the day.  You can also add some fresh mint leaves and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt if you wish.

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You Can Cure Diabetes!


Diabetes.  Almost everyone knows someone who has it.

Every 5 minutes in Australia 1 person is diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes – a scary statistic in itself, but here’s what’s even more scary…

According to Don Tolman, Diabetes is known as a “bread and butter” disease of the medical industry.  It’s a disease that Don will be exposing in detail during his upcoming LIVE events.   Secure complimentary tickets here if you haven’t already.

Apart from the odd, genuine rare case of Diabetes,  Don believes that most people who are told by their Doctor that they’re Diabetic are actually mis-diagnosed.  He says, “Of those who trust the diagnostic test and actually DO have diabetes, they usually end up on harmful insulin for the rest of their lives and it becomes a downward spiral from there”.

The amount of misinformation and fear mongering around Diabetes is huge.  Even worse than that, those who have it generally have no idea about the non-toxic, common-sense, natural solutions that are available to help them get off insulin and regain their health.

As Don teaches, Diabetics can be reversed…but only if the ‘patient’ is prepared to follow a certain protocol that no doc will reveal, because it means you’ll be off your insulin in no time.

People who have been Diabetics for years are used to being labelled, “Diabetic”…but that cycle can be broken.

Zane sat down with Don recently to ask how we can stem the Diabetes tide. Here’s what he had to say…


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Folk Medicine: Total Sham or Pure Genius?


Folk medicine is the compendium of wisdom that reflects not just the science of health but also the art and the method of these principles.

For instance, the nature around us in the area of living chemistry presents an array of non-toxic healing substances that are the Materia Medica of nature’s apothecary.

Whole foods provide a safe, living, energetic, “chemotherapy” if you will. Whole foods are the anatomica metabolic nutricon that constitutes folk medicine. Today, pharmaceutical science is jealous, envious and even hateful of plants and their attendant whole foods.  Whole foods and plants work. They not only work, they do their work, their magic and wonders, without doing harm. There is not one vaccine or drug that can do 

In my mind, I can see a time coming early on in the“Age of Imagination” we are now in, when every man,woman and child embraces “Self Care,” by walking everyday, eating just whole foods and developing and maintaining a positive (inner sunshine) attitude. These things go along way to not only prevent disease but to remit existing conditions.

I believe that within this next decade the best of, modern medicine. Symptomatic response mechanism in the form of “first aid” will be joined with ancient natural principles of “folk medicinal cures” to form a hybrid, “in home (effective and cost effective) clinics of Self Care.” Whole food and fasting, working with nature’s air and water, sunshine and walking, pleasure of family and relationships and passion in creative pursuits, these are the bed rock of vitality into longevity; these are the seven Principles of Health.

As our modern societies very fabric seems to be fraying at the edges, it is obvious that the valuable heritage of natural healing preserved by “back- ward” (truly genius) people and their enviable lifestyle of simplicity through time, need to be not only applauded and honored, but fully embraced into the daily performances of our own individual existence. Self care.

There truly is no greater power than an idea whose time has come. Love, work, knowledge and wisdom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are the wellsprings of our existence. They should also occupy, regulate and lead our lives. As these provide feelings of value, joy and pleasure and a sense of purpose for our having been here.

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A food label is your first warning sign


When it comes to food there’s a certain amount of confusion that surrounds what we should and shouldn’t be eating, chances are you’ve heard some of the following;

Calories don’t count. Fat is a must for optimum health. Fat is bad. Cholesterol is not bad. Margarine is worse. Margarine is better than butter. Juice is super-nutritious. Juice is bad for babies. One bowl of enriched cereal is better than 20 bowls of whole grains. Whole grain cereals are twice as nutritious as “enriched” cereals

Suppose you owned a “Nutritional Lie Detector.” You could spot nutritional hype and misinformation in an instant! More importantly, you would know when somebody was telling you the truth about how to get healthy and stay healthy. Imagine that you had a “Food Analyzer.”  Before eating any food, you could place it on the “Analyzer,” and it would predict the positive or negative impact on your mental emotional and physical health.

Wouldn’t you like to know in advance if a food will boost your immune system or wreck it? If a food will make you feel great or give you the midday blahs? Aren’t food labels supposed to do that? No! They are frequently the source of nutritional deception.

A food label is your first warning sign that a food is most likely missing something as a result of some form of processing. Typically only imperfect foods have labels, which in turn creates imperfect health.

Think a minute about your spouse, a child, grandchild, or parent. Would their behaviour improve…would the number of annual colds and sinus infections diminish…. would they have more energy…would their life be more enjoyable – if they would eat more nutritious wholefoods?

The answer of course, is ABSOLUTELY YES.

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