Don Tolman: Two Key Statements

Listen to Cowboy Don as he sheds light on two key statements. Is the medical industry really helping us? Or just prolonging our recovery? Let Don’s wholefood lifestyle steer you towards an oragnic recovery, away from toxic, damaging medicinal residues.

Want to know the full story about how the disease industry was created? It’s a fascinating history that you’ll only hear from Don at his live events. Secure complimentary tickets for Don’s February Australia tour.

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Don Tolman: Truth Authority

This short video really encapsulates what Cowboy Don is all about…WHY honouring your own intuition and trusting in the ‘truth’ is so important in these conflicting times where the media is being controlled by large corporate interests.

Want to know the full story about how the disease industry was created? It’s a fascinating history that you’ll only hear from Don at his live events. Secure complimentary tickets for Don’s February Australia tour.

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Don Tolman: The only two causes of disease.

For any health-conscious person, it’s empowering to know the truth about what disease actually is in the body and what causes it in the first place.

In this short video, Don doesn’t waste time with complex medical jargon and cuts to the chase with simple truths that are easy to understand.

It may surprise you to know that there’s really only ONE disease.

And amazingly, there are only TWO causes!

Want to know the full story about how the disease industry was created? It’s a fascinating history that you’ll only hear from Don at his live events. Secure complimentary tickets for Don’s February Australia tour.

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Don Tolman: The problem with our education system

In this new information age, parents need to start questioning the outdated system of learning that our children are being forced into.

In this fascinating 5 minute video clip, I ask ‘Cowboy’ Don about our education system and he reveals the fundamental problem with traditional schooling, what it truly means to be a “scholar” and how children (and adults) naturally learn best.

Want to rediscover your passions and natural love of learning?

Check out this video…


Don’t miss the chance to secure your seat for Don Tolman’s Australian tour – keep an eye out for my complimentary ticket invitation soon.   

Important note: If you have friends of loved ones who you know would benefit from hearing Don’s message, be sure to let them know to subscribe to our website so that they too can receive access to FREE tickets when we announce Don’s February/March tour in just a few short weeks.

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Don Tolman: The forgotten wisdom of plant foods and your health.

For any health conscious person, discovering how nature has created plant foods by design to target human anatomy is truly fascinating.

In this 3 minute video, Cowboy Don reminds us that the forgotten, lost wisdom once referred to as the “Law of Similarities” is crucial knowledge for healing and maintaining long term health.

And to demonstrate as an example, Don reveals exactly which food is crucial for avoiding bone diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis and even high blood pressure.

Sit back and enjoy!


Stay tuned in the new year for our announcement on the cities and dates for Don’s next national Australian tour which kicks off in late February.

Until then, all of us at Fortune Events wish you a safe and joy filled festive season!

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Don Tolman on the vaccine debate

The push to vaccinate humanity is gathering steam, with ‘financial’ consequences even now being enforced on parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids.

Losing the right to choose in a ‘free’ country is a disturbing trend.

So, in this short video I sat down with Cowboy Don to gain his insights and discovered that there’s a food in nature that achieves the same thing as vaccines without toxic side effects…


Even learning the origins of the word, “vaccine”, should be enough to make you think twice before blindly accepting these treatments.

And what’s great, is that there’s so much information out there now to help you discover both sides of the story so that you can make the choice that’s right for you and your family.

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Don Tolman: Why Cancer should not be fought

Cancer is an unavoidable topic covered in depth at Don Tolman’s 3 Day Basecamp For Health program.

It’s fascinating to hear Don’s common-sense wisdom about what Cancer really is and how the medical world and the media have actually perpetuated and inflated the mystery around this disease.

Is Cancer really a war that needs to be fought?

Check out this short video clip and decide for yourself.


Walking away from the ‘fight’ against dis-ease and embracing the principles of life and health really is easy, when you have the knowledge, tools and confidence to choose the path of Self Care.

To revisit Cowboy Don LIVE or experience his brilliant wisdom for the first time, keep an eye out for my announcement about Don’s February/March national Australian tour early in the new year.

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Don Tolman: What it means when Doctors “practice”

Ever wondered why Doctor’s offices are called a “practice“?

This is one of the most ‘eye-opening’ topics talked about by ‘Cowboy’ Don at his live events.

And what is the REAL meaning of “diagnosis“?  And why are medical customers referred to as “patients“?

In this short video, Don shares a fascinating insight into these meanings and why there is ‘legal protection’ afforded to the medical industry, regardless of what harm their treatments may cause you or your loved ones.

Watch the 4 minute video clip below [Don Tolman interviewed by Zane Truscott].




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Don Tolman: The powerful wholefood that boosts immune function

Don Tolman’s tour of Australia & Auckland kicks off soon, so I wanted to share another small dose of brilliant ‘Cowboy’ Don wisdom with you today.

In this 2 minute video, Don reveals which wholefood specifically targets the your immune system and the lymphatic stream [crucial for healing all kinds of common ailments and diseases]…

This is a just a taste for what you’ll get from Don during his LIVE tour which kicks off next weekend!

If you’ve experienced Cowboy Don live before, you’ll know that he’s riveting, shocking and enlightening all rolled into one…AND he brings the house down with his humour and entertainment value!

If you haven’t already secured your seat, be quick to Claim Complimentary Tickets.

And please do your friends and family a favour, by sharing the news of Don coming to town.  It literally is a gift!

There’s nothing quite like a dose of Cowboy Don Tolman wisdom, that’s guaranteed to add value to your life.

Secure FREE Tickets

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Don Tolman reveals which specific food targets the health of the heart and blood

One of the most enlightening things about spending time with Don, is learning about how every plant food impacts the health and function of a specific part of the human body.

One really fascinating food is the “beetroot” because of the way it targets the health of the heart and blood.

Recently I sat down with Don to learn more. Check out this awesome 2 minute video…


At his upcoming LIVE events, Don will demonstrate the “Signatures” (signs of nature) for a variety of wholefoods and which specific parts of anatomy each one optimises and heals.

It’s fascinating stuff that you’ll never get tired listen to!

If you know anyone who lives with the niggling daily burden of pain in their body, food allergies and intolerances, a reliance on prescription meds, supplements or even a more debilitating disease like Diabetes, Heart Disease or Cancer…please encourage them to take the time to come and listen to Don.

I can honestly say – after a decade now of bringing Don down to Australia and New Zealand – that a few hours with him is one of the most eye-opening, life-changing experiences that anyone could have who cares about their health.

And of course, it’s not all serious…there’s always great energy and a stack of laughs as well! 🙂

If you haven’t already registered, don’t miss the chance to secure FREE tickets for Don Tolman LIVE!

Remember to share the news of Cowboy Don coming to town with those that you care about and love. It could be the greatest gift you’ve ever given them.

Be quick to secure your seats!

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