Don Tolman [Video]: How Grapefruit Can Heal The Heart


Most of us know someone who has been effected by high blood pressure or heart disease.

These are among the most common health complaints out there. For decades, “lowering cholesterol” has been a buzz term of the medical industry, with their answer being everything from miracle drugs to triple bypass surgeries.

It’s an issue worth talking about… So I sat down with Don to get his take on this ‘epidemic’ and how wholefoods can help. Check out this intriguing 3 minute video…

This is just a snippet of Don’s amazing wisdom that he shares at his events working with Fortune Events. We hope to see you at Don’s next event!


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Don Tolman shares the secret healing power of carrots…


Most people believe that Carrot’s are good for the eyes…

But it’s the ancient wisdom about this staple little vegetable – about HOW and WHY it can heal vision – that is SO profound!

Learn more from ‘Cowboy’ Don Tolman in this intriguing 3 minute video…

Don is truly enlightening, entertaining…and unlike any other speaker you’ll experience and he brings this ancient wisdom to all of his events.


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The Difference Between Self Care & Health Care


Don Tolman talks to Zane Truscott about the power of the human body to heal itself.

Don’s message is simple and to the point. It’s about everyday people awakening to the power and knowledge within them and then tapping into and trusting their own ability to heal and be healthy. No miracle drugs or supplements. No BS.

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Simple Solutions For High Blood Pressure!


If you want to see Don LIVE in Australia & Auckland NZ, you’ll need to be quick – time is running out!

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The Breast Cancer Scandal (Don Tolman Video)


The search to find a cure for Breast Cancer gathers momentum year after year.

Globally, billions of dollars are being raised and spent each year to fund new scientific research to find a “cure” for this mysterious cancer that attacks women at random.

Is it really a mystery? Don Tolman explains to Lisa Thompson his views on the topic – and his answers might surprise you.

For the full story, grab your complimentary tickets to see Don Tolman LIVE in just a couple of short weeks.  Tickets are flying out the door so be quick if you’d like to be there!

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Pharmaceutical history they don’t want you to know!


Warning: They don’t want you to know this!

It’s commonplace these days…. You feel a little discomfort, so you whisk yourself down to your local Doc. He gives you a prescription and then you step next door to the pharmacy to pick up your drugs.  For most people, it’s a process they never question. In fact, many do this every single week!

Check out Don Tolman’s latest video about the history of the pharmaceutical (health care) industry that will help you understand why we are the sickest generation to have ever lived!  It’s information that you probably won’t hear publicly from any credentialed expert or authority –  it’s information they don’t want you to know.

If you want to see Don LIVE in Australia & Auckland NZ, you’ll need to be quick – time is running out!  Please hop to it if you haven’t yet registered and want to join us.  Remember too, if you have friends or family who would love to be there, send them to this link to Register Now.  Tickets are complimentary whilst seats are still available!

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Why are we getting sicker?


Today I want to share with you a short video snippet from a recent interview I did with Don Tolman about WHY we have a disease epidemic. I think it’s stuff we should all be aware of.

There’s no doubt the Self Care revolution is in full swing and high fives to all of you who’ve been sharing the news of Don’s Aussie tour with friends through Facebook, Instagram and Email etc.

Register Now if you haven’t already or if you have friends who want to be there.  Tickets are complimentary whilst seats are still available!

Have you ever wondered why populations in developed countries like ours (Australia), are among the sickest in terms of disease diagnosis?

Think about it.  We have more doctors, more hospitals, more medicines, more vaccines, more high-tech treatments – so why is there’s more cancer every year, more diabetes every year, more heart disease every year and not less?

Watch the latest video for Don’s thoughts on the matter.

I hope to see you during our upcoming tour.



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The #1 Reason People Gain Weight


In this revealing quick video, Don reveals the #1 reason why people gain weight and what to do about it – it’s REALLY good stuff!

Before I show you the vid, if you haven’t yet registered to see Don Tolman LIVE, you’ll really need to be quick to secure your complimentary tickets – time is running out with the first event kicking off next Saturday!

Register Now if you haven’t already or if you have friends who would like to be there simply forward them the link to book! www.fortuneevents.com

Enjoy the vid 🙂 x

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New Year, New You with Don Tolman


You know, at this time of year, so many of us are setting new “healthy” goals…and one of the most common questions I get asked is this:

“Don, I know you talk a lot about cleansing and fasting as a great way for restoring health, but I hate the idea of going without food!!! Is there a way I can achieve a similar result without going hungry for days on end?”

The truth is that a juice cleanse or a fast of any kind for 1 day, a few days, or even an ‘extended’ period from time to time, is the ultimate way to get your body back to performing at it’s best, because it gives your digestive system a complete rest, freeing up energy to allow the healing process to take place.

But here’s the downside…

Fasting at home, around your kids, friends or work mates can be a real challenge for some people.

A fast is meant to represent a complete break from your regular dietary routine, but going without food can be a drag when you’re around others who are eating during that time. That’s why, I have always chosen to “get away” each time I’ve fasted over the years.

The reality is that there’s no “quick fix” or “magic pill that will take care of the internal “house cleaning” needed for you to get your groove back like a fast can.

That said, here are TWO alternatives to a fast, that I would call “the next best thing” for anyone who wants to get back on top of their game.


  • 28 days on nothing but RAW fruits and vegetables OR
  • 14-28 days on Pulse, Pulse and more Pulse!

Of course, you must add some gentle regular exercise (walking) and plenty of fresh, clean water to drink into the mix as well.

But time and time again over the years, I’ve seen people turn their health (and lives) around following either of these two very simple and yet profound healing protocols.

In fact, most people find these methods a breeze compared to an extended fast on water or juices, because they’re still able to satiate their taste buds and satisfy the emotional attachment to food with something super delicious, wholesome and nutritious. They’re also able to still hang out with other people who are eating without wanting to punch ’em!

Over the last two decades, I have personally seen the incredible effects that Pulse has had on so many people – including a swag of folks who were on the downward spiral, who instead decided to turn their back on conventional medicine, embrace Pulse and the 7 Principles of Health and heal themselves.

On the other side, for everyday people who are simply feeling run down and sluggish – and who decide to experience a 14 or 28 Day Adventure – there has been a constant wave of positive benefits including:

  • Weight loss
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved digestion & a flatter tummy
  • Clear skin
  • Better sleep
  • No more unhealthy cravings!

To learn how Wholefoods & Self-Care can heal your body and your life, REGISTER HERE for my “Where Truth and Health Lies” Australian Tour if you haven’t already!

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