Don Tolman: How Foods Speak Sign Language

Learning from Cowboy Don about how plant foods speak sign language is such a fascinating wisdom that is no longer taught. Every fruit and vegetable has a ‘sign-of-nature‘ (‘signature’) that targets a specific part of your body. Take a few minutes to watch this short video, where Don reveals what anciently they referred to as, ‘The Signum Natura‘.

Don is returning to tour Australia and Auckland, NZ in October, 2017, so grab your FREE tickets to the Where Truth & Health Lies with Don Tolman event.

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Don Tolman: Why today’s Healthcare has gotten out of hand

Healthcare has now become a massive global industry with big agendas and corporate interests at stake, so it’s only natural that there is a downside that is causing unnecessary harm. In this short video, listen as Cowboy Don delves into the history of healthcare and how it has gotten out of hand.

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Don Tolman: Which foods target healthy brain function?

Memory loss is often referred to as a ‘silent’ disease because it creeps up over time without notice. In this short video Cowboy Don reveals which specific foods should be a part of your diet to ensure healthy brain function – extra fascinating because they look just like the human brain…

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Don Tolman: Which food heals a poor functioning Liver…

Poor liver health can lead to cirrhosis, liver disease, jaundice, abdominal pain and physical weakness. But did you know that there’s one food in nature that can completely restore a poor functioning liver in less than 90 days? In this 2 minute video Cowboy Don reveals the #1 food for restoring liver health because of its ‘anionic’ composition…

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Don Tolman: Heal the thyroid naturally with this food…

If you or someone know is suffering from thyroid problems, did you know there’s a way you can turn it around naturally without medicine?

In this 1 minute video, ‘Cowboy’ Don reveals the key nutritional component that the Thyroid relies on for healthy function and which wholefood delivers more of that nutrient than any other.

Don is returning to tour Australia in June, 2017, so grab your FREE tickets to the Where Truth & Health Lies with Don Tolman event.

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Don Tolman: What really causes chronic fatigue

Digestion is a process of “fermentation” by the body before we can absorb energy from food. Learn from ‘Cowboy’ Don how chronic fatigue syndrome is your body’s response when a build up of plaque compromises your body’s ability to efficiently ferment food.

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Don Tolman: Why salt is crucial to our health

The medical industry will have you convinced that salt is dangerous. Yet, why is it the first thing they do, when you are admitted to hospital, is hook you up to a saline solution? Discover why salt is actually one of the most critical components that the Earth supplies to you.

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Don Tolman: Strawberries, Nature’s Vaccines

With so much conflicting information out there about vaccines, it pays to learn both sides of the story so that you can make an informed decision for yourself and your family. Discover why berries not only target the health of your heart, but are nature’s protector/inhibitor medicines.

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Don Tolman: The Key To Breaking Food Habits

If you struggle to break away from bad food habits, you can change the way your mind and body craves foods with one simple solution.

‘Cowboy’ Don reveals in this 2 minute video why biting the bullet for just 5 days can change everything! 

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