Reversing Diabetes Through A Plant-Based Diet

Type 2 Diabetes is now the fastest growing chronic disease around the world.

Why is that? What’s happening here?

There are also some really strong beliefs that Type 1 Diabetes is a condition that cannot be healed.

People all over the world are healing themselves from Diabetes, and you can too!

This video is just a taste of what you’ll learn at Tyler Tolman’s April Australia Longevity Tour.

Click the “Play” button below for Tyler’s Diabetes Video…

Next month on the Australia Longevity Tour, Tyler will takes you on an insightful, entertaining and inspiring journey where you’ll discover and learn:

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Are You Living Your Passion?

Man living his passion, triumphant after reach the top of a mountain

As we go through life, it can be easy to lose sight of our passions.

But rediscovering these need not be difficult or mysterious.

Your passion is simply an activity, or group of things, that energises you rather than weighs you down in your career and personal life.


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5 Ways Mindfulness Meditation Can Improve Your Mood

Man and woman doing mindfulness mediation in nature

For nearly 20 years of my life, I rigorously practised martial arts.

Whilst it was a very physical pursuit, it taught me a lot about myself, what I’m capable of and the power of the human mind.

In more recent years as I’ve gotten older – and my body has felt the effects of years of punishment – I’ve transitioned to the more spiritual practice of yoga.

And for me, it’s been a very natural evolution.

Yoga (specifically I practice “Hot” yoga), like martial arts, is a constant work in progress.


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3 Ways To Kill Procrastination

Man procrastinating on his mobile phone instead of working on his laptop

Procrastination is a BIG deal because it’s really the thing that fences us in from doing what we want in life.

Fences keep us safe, but they also imprison us.

So it’s worth ensuring that the fence is not too high for you to jump over.


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Are You Surviving Or Thriving?

Tree surviving and thriving amongst a harsh environment

Are you surviving or thriving?

Have you ever been caught in a ‘survival rut’ where you know you could be doing, be-ing, giving and having more, but just can’t seem to break the shackles holding you down?

It know what it’s like.

The commitments and stresses of everyday life often cause me to default to a subconscious routine that I know only partly serves me, my team and my family.

That subconscious routine is the ‘survival rut’ I’m talking about.

It’s a place that’s ‘safe’, that protects us and that delivers our basic needs.

But that’s all it does.


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5 Secrets For A Healthy Intimate Relationship

Woman and man in a healthy intimate relationship smiling and laughing

The quality of your life is a direct reflection – not of how much material stuff you have – but of the quality of your most intimate relationships.

No matter what life throws at you (good or bad), unless you have someone to share the ups and downs with, deep down it can be a lonely place.


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5 Keys To Better Sleep

Man sleeping peacefully in bed

Getting the right amount of sleep is really important if you want to look and feel your best and get the most from your life.

Usually, I’m a 6-7 hours kind of guy, but I strive to follow the ancient wisdom wherever I can, which was, to get 8 hours sleep within each 24-hour period.


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Why Apple Cider Vinegar Helps You Burn Fat

Fat-burning Apple Cider Vinegar with apple slices and a measuring tape

Quite possibly you’ve heard about the amazing health benefits of raw, organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

No question about it, the real stuff is amazing and so versatile as a remedy for many everyday ailments, but the one of the less talked about benefits are its powers in helping you shred unwanted fat!


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What Will You Resolve This New Year?

New Years Resolutions
Have you ever made a new year’s resolution that didn’t work out?

I’ll be the first to put my hand up for that one, but here’s what I know.

A resolution means to RESOLVE something – to make a change for the better.

And unless you’re really vested in that change, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll go back to what you know is comfortable (which is definitely not the realm in which lasting change occurs).

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