What’s your personal philosophy?

What is your philosophy?

Though it may not be pinned to your office wall, our life experience carves out a set of standards or values that over time we choose to live by.

I like to call it a “personal philosophy” –  kind of like a subconscious set of rules that you use to guide your behaviour, decisions and direction in life.

A personal philosophy can serve you positively or negatively…

Just think of a smoker who lives by the philosophy of, ‘I may as well do it coz I only live once!‘ as compared with someone who is shooting for their dreams with the same philosophy.

But here’s the good news.

These negative patterns can also be disrupted – particularly when the reasons a strong enough – and you can definitely create a personal philosophy that empowers you to grow.

Think for a moment about the personal values you place on things like…

  • Time – Are you always early or late?
  • Money – Do you hold on to it tight or allow it to flow?
  • Work – Do you do it to earn a living or to be of service to the world?
  • Health – Do you believe in balance, a strict diet or do you just eat whatever satisfies you?
  • Lifestyle – Are you designing the life you want or is the government in control?
  • Relationships – Do you have them to ‘get’ something or to ‘give’ something ?

Creating a personal philosophy that truly resonates with you can take minutes or it can take months, but either way, it’s well worth making a start.

It’s an exercise that will reveal the inbuilt patterns and beliefs in your life that aren’t serving you well that it’s time to ‘shake up’ in order to create positive change.


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The Power of Decisions

The Power of Decisions

Our decisions in life shape our destiny.

When you stop and ponder it, you’ll probably notice that at different junctures in your life, you’ve made decisions that have taken you on a journey that ultimately impacts the quality of life you experience today.

You may have decided to choose a certain career, start a business, form a relationship with a particular person, pay attention to (or neglect) your health, accept a diagnosis from your Doctor, or attend a personal development course.

All of these little decisions have set you on a certain path.

And whether you’ve made poor decisions in the past or you’ve been the victim of circumstance, at some level, we all get to decide the meaning we place around those things – so that they either give us the strength to move forward or we allow them to compound our pain.


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What really is courage?

What is courage?

What really is courage?

The most common definition is, ‘Strength in the face of pain, grief or loss‘.  Or, ‘The ability to do something, even though you might be fearful‘.

We all experience moments in life that require us to call on these versions of courage.

But when it comes to your personal growth – elevating your health, relationships, career, business or finances – courage can manifest itself differently. It’s kind of like a self-imposed form of obstacle that requires us to look within ourselves to find the inner strength to move forward.

In this context, one of my favourite definitions of courage is this:

Courage is vulnerability masked“.


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Are Your Beliefs Limiting Your Health?

What are your limiting beliefs about health?

In every aspect of our life, our inbuilt belief systems are like a rudder that guides us to carry out certain daily behaviours.

Take the current state of your health as an example…

If you’re at your ideal weight, vibrant, pain-free and not reliant on medications, chances are you’re doing things consistently that are generating that result.

But if your health is not up to scratch, it’s time to ask yourself if you’ve fallen ‘victim’ to any of these limiting beliefs over time:


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How Do You Start Each Day?

How do you start each day?

What do you do when you wake up each day?

Do you hit your alarm clock snooze button, before eventually crawling out of bed to dive under the shower, get dressed and rush out the door?

Or do you spring to your feet, throw on your activewear and get moving whilst half the world is still asleep?

How you start each morning sets the tone for your day.  And what you do consistently every morning, ultimately sets the tone for your life! (more…)

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5 Steps To Positive Change

5 Steps to positive change

If you’ve been following ‘Cowboy’ Don Tolman for a while, you’ll know that his powerful message of Self Care and Self Education is all about inspiring people to take responsibility for their own health and reigniting their creative imagination.

In my 14 years of bringing Don to Australia, facilitating his live events and meeting literally thousands of people who have been inspired to walk this path, it’s been incredible to watch so many change their life by embracing these principles.


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Don Tolman: Is Sugar In Fruit Bad For You?

You may have heard conflicting information in the mainstream media or from health & nutrition ‘experts’ about whether the ‘sugar’ contained in fruit is good or bad for you. In this short video ‘Cowboy’ Don Tolman shines some light on the truth about the ‘sugar’ content of fruit. Watch to learn how increasing your intake of fresh fruit (‘slow sugars’) can actually help you overcome ‘diagnoses’ such as diabetes…

Don is returning to tour Australia and Auckland, NZ in October, 2017, so grab your FREE tickets to the Where Truth & Health Lies with Don Tolman event.

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Don Tolman: How Foods Speak Sign Language

Learning from Cowboy Don about how plant foods speak sign language is such a fascinating wisdom that is no longer taught. Every fruit and vegetable has a ‘sign-of-nature‘ (‘signature’) that targets a specific part of your body. Take a few minutes to watch this short video, where Don reveals what anciently they referred to as, ‘The Signum Natura‘.

Don is returning to tour Australia and Auckland, NZ in October, 2017, so grab your FREE tickets to the Where Truth & Health Lies with Don Tolman event.

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Don Tolman: Why today’s Healthcare has gotten out of hand

Healthcare has now become a massive global industry with big agendas and corporate interests at stake, so it’s only natural that there is a downside that is causing unnecessary harm. In this short video, listen as Cowboy Don delves into the history of healthcare and how it has gotten out of hand.

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Don Tolman: Which foods target healthy brain function?

Memory loss is often referred to as a ‘silent’ disease because it creeps up over time without notice. In this short video Cowboy Don reveals which specific foods should be a part of your diet to ensure healthy brain function – extra fascinating because they look just like the human brain…

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Don Tolman has been referred to as a modern day “Einstein”. And when you experience his raw genius and powerful message for the first time you’ll understand why…

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