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Think for a moment.

Do you know someone whose life has been affected by Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer or another disease?

Just imagine if they didn’t have to deal with the burden of that illness every day.

Have you ever wondered why – despite billions of dollars raised and spent on scientific research – these diseases have become rampant and out of control?

Now more than ever, every single day, millions of people blindly hand themselves over to the “health care” industry without giving it a second thought. In today’s ‘quick-fix’ world, very few take the time to stop and reconsider this process and the destructive impact that this is having on the overall health of our society.

There is another common-sense path that depends on the innate, intuitive intelligence of the individual – it’s called the path of Self Care.

The “health care” industry is a global behemoth that thrives financially on the perpetuation of disease, so why on earth would modern science finally deliver the elusive answers that are so desperately needed?

Does it really make sense that the solution to preventing disease is the mass-vaccination of our society?

Is handing out toxic medical drugs to patients (consumers) like they’re Halloween candy making us healthier or sicker?

What do the statistics really tell us about the success rate of the medical industry’s invasive “cut, burn and poison” approach to treating Cancer?

What if the answers to health and longevity are simple?

Imagine having the knowledge, tools and confidence to take charge of your own health destiny – without reliance on “health-care”…

Don Tolman has been referred to as a modern day “Einstein” and when you experience his raw genius for the first time, you’ll see exactly why.

At this exclusive and revealing event with the “Wholefood Medicine Man” (as he’s often referred to in the international media), you’ll have your eyes opened wide.

You will be entertained, you’ll laugh and you may even cry.

But above all, you’ll be catapulted into a whole new realm of possibilities for YOUR life and health.

During this totally unique and powerful, Two-and-a-Half Hour event, Don will take you on a journey of discovery where you’ll learn:

  • Why the industry of “Health Care” has been totally mis-named
  • The history of the Pharmaceutical industry and how it’s evolved into the system we have today
  • Why Doctor’s offices are called a “Practice” and the true meaning of “Diagnosis”
  • Why treating “Symptoms” does not address the true underlying cause of ill-health and disease
  • The ancient wisdom of foods from nature’s table, their “Signatures” and relationship to the human anatomy
  • Why wholefoods provide the electric force that your cells truly crave
  • “Supplements” and why your body cannot recognize fractured or isolated nutrients
  • The 7 proven, ancient principles of health and longevity
  • Tips for raising your energy levels, shedding unwanted weight, healing ailments and avoiding disease.

When it comes to your health, you owe it to yourself to seek the truth. And now it’s time the truth were told.

"My husband and I loved Don's talk today in Brisbane. So many health events and seminars are a plethora of overwhelming information about the stuff you should or have to do and all the supplements you need to buy. I found Don refreshingly down to earth and came away feeling empowered. He was awesome, inspiring and cemented the journey and path I am on as the best one for our family."

-Sanchia Marshall

"WOW to be in the presence of someone that has all that knowledge and experience was fantastic. I have been struggling for a year and half with my health and what I have learnt today will enhance my life extremely."

-Sue Simnett

"It was a dream come true to see and hear Don Tolman Live. He not only inspires us with his in-depth knowledge, he is also very funny."

-Jayson Derry

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